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  • Perrine, Cynthia L.; Youngstown State University. Dept. of Chemistry. (2004)
    Covalently bonded organometallic oligomers and polymers have been designed to have rigid and thermally and chemically stable organometallic repeating units such as [trans-Mo(phJ>CH2CH2Ph2h(j.t-CN-l,4-C6f4-NC)]. In the first ...
  • Brady, Pia (1993-02-05)
    Local philanthropist Warren P. Williamson, Jr., the founder and chairman of the WKBN Broadcasting Corporation, made a $1 million contribution to the YSU Foundation. The money is earmarked to support of the Williamson ...
  • Unknown author (1963-12-06)
    Youngstown University was awarded a gift of $1 million for use in Project One, the institution's expansion program. President Howard Jones announced receipt of the gift but was not at liberty to disclose the identity of the donor.
  • Unknown author (1953-01-16)
    As the new Youngstown College Library neared completion, the Jambar highlighted some of the facility's chief features.
  • Unknown author (1966-09-30)
    Youngstown University's enrollment passed the 12,000 mark for the first time. University officials predicted a student body numbering 15,000 by the sixtieth anniversary of YU's founding in 1968.
  • 12th Note 
    Unknown author (WYSU-FM, 2005-07-01)
    Bi-monthly newletter "published for the friends of WYSU-FM".
  • Unknown author (WYSU-FM, 1997-04)
    Contains detailed program listings for April 1997. Includes the article "WYSU Goes into the Schools," which explains the published teacher's guides.
  • Unknown author (WYSU-FM, 1998-04)
    Contains an article about the mission of WYSU-FM, detailed program listings for April 1998, and listings of WYSU-FM staff.
  • Unknown author (WYSU-FM, 1998-08)
    Contains detailed program listings for August 1998. Includes the article "Surf's Up on the New WYSU Web Page"
  • Unknown author (WYSU-FM, 1987-12)
    First issue published of 12th Note. Contains articles "A Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols: A Christmas Tradition," "Performance Today: Finding the Theme," "Making Time for the Arts: National Public Radio's Morning ...
  • Unknown author (WYSU-FM, 1989-12)
    Contains detailed program listing for the holiday season 1989. Articles include "WYSU-FM Presents World Broadcast Premiere of Drama 'the Door in the Wall,'" "An American Christmas Tradition from St. Olaf," "Air Fair: Alice ...
  • Unknown author (WYSU-FM, 1991-12)
    Contains information about volunteers and premium donors. Includes articles about holiday programming and detailed program lists for December 1991.
  • Unknown author (WYSU-FM, 1998-12)
    Contains detailed program listings and holiday programs for December 1998. Includes the article "Community Response Ends Fundraiser Two Days Ahead of Schedule!"
  • Unknown author (WYSU-FM, 2001-12)
    Contains detailed program listings for December 2001. Focuses on holiday programming. Includes the article "Fresh Air Debuts on WYSU."
  • Unknown author (WYSU-FM, 2002-12)
    Contains detailed holiday programming for December 2002. Includes the article "$76K Challenge: Team Efforts Write Next Chapter in WYSU Fundraising."
  • Unknown author (WYSU-FM, 1997-02)
    Contains detailed program listings for February 1997. Includes the article "Mad About the Arts '97 to be held March 7."
  • Unknown author (WYSU-FM, 1998-02)
    Contains detailed program listings for February 1998. Includes descriptions of special programming in honor of Black History Month. The article "Unforgettable Evening Planned" highlights an event with filmmaker Amin Q. Chaudhri
  • Unknown author (WYSU-FM, 2000-02)
    Contains detailed program listings for February 2000. Includes the article "Bookworm with Micheal Silverblatt Joins WYSU Line up." Also includes announcement for Mad About the Arts.
  • Unknown author (WYSU-FM, 2001-01)
    Contains detailed program listings for January and February 2001. Includes an article about Michael Feldman's Whad 'Ya Know? radio show possibly coming to Youngstown. An article previews the annual Mad About the Arts event.
  • Unknown author (WYSU-FM, 2002-01)
    Contains detailed program listings for January and February 2002. Includes an article from WYSU-FM director, Gary Sexton, about program decisions. Also includes an article featuring Terry Gross, the host of NPR's Fresh Air.

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