Jambar Newspaper Clippings: Recent submissions

  • Rodgers, Bill (2004-11-09)
    YSU's Dana School of Music has purchased 68 new Steinway pianos. The new instruments allowed Dana to be designated as an "All- Steinway School."
  • Turocy, Rebecca (1977-04-22)
    The long career of Mary B. Smith was highlighted. During her years of service at YSU, Smith served as head of the health and physical education departments, recorder, university registrar and director of career planning ...
  • Mitrovich, Lucille (1974-07-25)
    Adult education came to YSU through the approval of a new adult student recruitment program. Called the "Adult Student Outreach," the program was designed to use direct mail, newspapers, television, radio coverage, and ...
  • Owens, Ashley (2002-07-11)
    $3.3 million dollars will be spent to expand Bliss Hall. Increased enrollment and additional accreditation requirements within the art department made the renovation necessary.
  • Lowry, Tom (1974-07-25)
    The YSU Flying Club bought a Cessna 150 and incorporated as the Youngstown Flying Club, Inc. The club was based at the Youngstown Executive Airport; membership was open to all.
  • Geisel, Kelly (2002-09-05)
    CUE-mail, Common University E-mail, is fully functional. The campus-wide system will replace different systems used across campus.
  • Rogers, Chuck (2004-11-02)
    The auction of 29 penguin statues brought in over $190,000. The money will be used to support local art and community groups.
  • Houston, Alicia (2002-11-14)
    YSU faculty garnered over $4 million in grants. This is a 17% increase from last year.
  • Unknown author (1978-09-29)
    Photographic story of the remodeled Jones Hall.
  • Unknown author (1971-01-22)
    The City of Youngstown transferred control of portions of Bryson and Arlington Streets to YSU. This action represented an important step in bringing the University's Master Plan into fruition. Stressing the necessity of ...
  • Unknown author (1993-01-12)
    The appointment of Vern Snyder as executive director of university development at YSU is announced.
  • Poe, Christina (2004-10-28)
    The YSU Board of Trustees will meet tonight for a final vote on a proposal extending health care benefits to same-sex domestic partners of YSU employees. The proposal has already been approved by the Board's Internal ...
  • Crist, Leonard (2004-11-02)
    The YSU Board of Trustees approved the extension of health care benefits to the same-sex domestic partners of YSU empolyees. The measure passed by a narrow margin.
  • King, Kasey (1995-07-26)
    Phil Hirsch has been promoted to executive director of Administrative Services by President Leslie Cochran. In his new capacity, Hirsch will be responsible for the University's physical and support facilities.
  • Unknown author (2003-04-29)
    The Tri-County Journalism Association sponsered Press Day at YSU.
  • Unknown author (1973-01-05)
    The deaths of retired head football coach Dwight "Dike" Beede and English department chair Margaret Pfau were announced. The cause of Beede's death was accidental drowning; Dr. Pfau succumbed to a long illness at Northside ...
  • Ujhelyi, Stephanie (1993-05-11)
    Dr. Barbara H. Brothers, chair of the YSU English Department and acting dean of the Graduate School, has been named dean of the College of Arts and Sciences effective July 1, 1993.
  • Unknown author (1960-02-19)
    Dr. Kelsie B. Harder, a Youngstown University teacher of literature and logic, was appointed Secretary-Treasurer of the American Name Society, an organization devoted to the study of all types of appellations (personal, ...
  • Poe, Christina (2004-01-29)
    Maag Library is the test site for YSU's exploration of wireless technology. Network Services will evaluate both usage and effectiveness.
  • Boninsegna, Jami; Olin, Angela (2002-06-20)
    Dr. David Sweet and a majority of the YSU Board of Trustees installed John Habat into the position of administrative vice president without conducting a national search. This action is a violation of university protocal.

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