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  • Daman, Jessica (2004-06-02)
    "This is no ordinary penguin. He dreams of great things in vivid color. He is a technicolor display of color and light. The pieces of glass imbedded on his body are a rainbow of shades and hues. A wondrous creature to ...
  • Walker, Robert W. (2004-06-02)
    "My design is intended to convey the importance of maintaining a sense of exploration and imagination in our lives--feelings that we all had as children, but sometimes lose in the hustle and bustle of adult lives and work. ...
  • Smith, Ken (2004-06-02)
    "My design incorporates my love of history through the composite pun of Youngstown's founder, John Young, and the penguin icon. The facial features are based on a portrait of John Young, as found in J.G. Butler, Jr.'s ...
  • Unknown author (2006-01-17)
    A portrait of Larry Esterly.
  • The Mill 
    Antonishak, Tom (2004-06-02)
    "The theme of 'The Mill' is to take advantage as well as to enjoy our natural resources in the valley." Tom Antonishak is a wildlife artist and winner of numerous prestigious art competitions nationwide, including the ...
  • Escribano, Raymond (2004-06-02)
    "The muses were said to be the inspiration of the Arts, and the beauty of the seasons is art! Creation is a masterpiece and everything around us is an inspiration for art." Raymond Escribano was born in Chicago and moved ...
  • Unknown author (2004-09-16)
    A photograph of Paul J. Kobulnicky, executive director of Maag Library.
  • Wilson, Kay (2004-06-02)
    "My design
  • Buehrle, Dave (2004-06-02)
    "In designing 'Penguet in G,' I adhered to my philosophy of thinking 'outside the box.' I wanted to show the penguin in its snowy environment and also tie it in with the local community. I hope that when people encounter ...
  • Battaglia, John; Fellows, Jason; Hedrich, Jeff; Partridge, John; Pritchard, Shari; Procner, Roberta (2004-06-02)
    "The penguin is one of very few species of birds that cannot fly. We have created a symbolic interpretation of an emperor penguin's dream of taking flight. Our creation is a realistic rendering of an emperor penguin from ...
  • Pengwin 
    Dill, Chuck (2004-06-02)
    "This penguin represents one of the region's favorite football teams and depicts a player in full uniform, including shoulder pads, ready to run the ball. PENGWIN features official Brown's uniform components, including ...
  • Penny 
    Zeller, Timothy C. (2004-06-02)
    "My concept for this design is to use adhesive to mend pennies and nickels to the penguin. The nickels would be used in the lighter areas of the penguin, and the pennies in the darker, to mimic coloration of a penguin and ...
  • Barko, Bob Jr. (2004-06-02)
    "The images that cover the Memory Coat are some of the most recognized landmarks and symbols of Youngstown's past. The circular base also includes symbols of some important moments in our city's timeline, including the ...
  • Unknown author (2006-01-26)
    Board of Trustee member.
  • Unknown author (2006-01-26)
    Board of Trustee member.
  • Unknown author (2006-01-26)
    Board of Trustee member.
  • Unknown author (2006-01-26)
    The YSU Metro College is located at the Southwoods Executive Center in Boardman.
  • Unknown author (2006-01-26)
  • Unknown author (2006-01-26)
    Weller house offers apartment style living for 19 junior, senior or graduate students.
  • Abrams, David; Aburahma, May; Barrett, Laura; Battison, Juliann; Dikun, Justine; Einzig, Brian; Emery, Nicole; Forestal, Keith; Guerrieri, Zack; Lininger, Shawn; Marvin, Michael; McIntosh, Justin; Mirkin, Andrew; Mootz, Alyssa; Newman, Jason; Porter, Jessica; Rivera, Naida; Sciulli, Carlo; Sheakoski, Lia; Sniderman, Zoe; Spiegle, Marissa; Trekur, Erica; Wasko, Gerald; Wiand, Mallory; Yarmolinskiy, Artem (2004-06-02)
    "After choosing styles in art history for their theme, the Art III classes researched a variety of famous artists and recognizable paintings to combine into one composition for their penguin.They are proud and honored to ...

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