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  • Ludwig, Diana (2004-06-02)
    "The placement of celestial objects on the dark surface of the penguin approximates a chart of the entire sky with the coordinates determined by the perspective of a viewer standing in Youngstown, Ohio. The theme also ...
  • Unknown author (2003-08-14)
    A photograph of The University Courtyard Apartments, a part of the revitalization of Smokey Hollow.
  • Butler, Kate Mihaly (2004-06-02)
    "Winds of Change symbolizes the change that will take place in Youngstown with the implementation of Vision 2010. The brass swirl that wraps around the penguin represents wind. Wind, though it can be destructive, also ...
  • Wick, Clara (2004-06-02)
    "In researching the emperor penguin in preparation for my design, I discovered that emperor penguins are smart, the largest of the species, social and seem to have fun in their Antarctic lives despite the constant threat ...
  • Cohen, Brenda Myers (2004-06-02)
    "Using classic trompe l'oeil techniques and other mural painting devices, the penguin looks like a fantasy garden perched atop a base of weathered rock and mossy stone, covered in draping ivy. Its beak looks like the sun, ...

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