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dc.description The Snowflake Frolic began in 1941, sponsored by the Student Council. Both students and faculty participated in the event, which consisted of a formal dance held just before winter break. Later the event had a queen and hostesses. The attendees sang Christmas carols with a live band or orchestra. In 1966 Student Council replaced the Frolic with a Winter Weekend celebration, in order to attract big name entertainment. Student Council hosted the event for five years and then discontinued it. The Pan-Hellenic Council resurrected the Winter Weekend in 1976.
dc.description May Day was first commemorated at Youngstown College on May 25, 1928 with the crowning of the senior class May Queen. Some of the celebrations included a procession, a dance drama, a Maypole dance, and a floral "chain of friendship." The event was suspended in 1942 because of World War II, but resumed in 1946. It was discontinued by student Council in 1964 when its funding was combined with that of the Junior Prom to sponsor the Spring Weekend festivities.
dc.description The Phi Kappa Delta fraternity started Sadie Hawkins Day at Youngstown College in 1939. It's based on the lives of the characters appearing in "Li'l Abner," a comic strip created by cartoonist Al Capp. The ceremonies involved the re-enactment of the ways in which Squire Hawkins acquired a husband for his daughter, Sadie, from amongst the rural denizens of Dogpatch, Kentucky. It also included a dance, a race, and a costume contest. The last Sadie Hawkins Day was celebrated in the early 1970s.
dc.description The first Mardi Gras dance at Youngstown College was sponsored by the Newman Club in 1946. The following year, the organization voted to make the semi-formal celebration into an annual affair. The Newman Club continued to host the Mardi Gras dance until the event was discontinued in the early 1970s. en_US
dc.description The Junior Prom represented the high-point in the undergraduate social calendar at Youngstown College. It was held for the first time in April 1932. A Junior Prom Queen was crowned and escorted by the Junior Class president. The Prom was held annually until 1964 when it was combined with May Day to create the Spring Weekend Celebration. en_US
dc.description The Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) was established at Youngstown College in 1950 to train and commission young men as officers in the U.S. Amry. The Corps of Cadets held its first Military Ball in May 1951 and it has remained a campus tradition ever since. A black-tie affair, the Military Ball has also served as a ceremony in which awards are presented to cadets for achievement during the course of the academic year. For many years, a Military Queen was crowned; however this tradition ended as women were admitted to the Cadet Corps in the 1970s and were assigned to more active roles in the military.
dc.description In May 1969, the YSU Student Council unanimously passed a resolution calling for the sale of 3.2 beer on campus. Initially, it was to be served during special occasions and events. The regular sale of low-alcohol beer, however, began in 1973 when the Kilcawley Student Center Board was licensed by the State of Ohio. Sale and consumption of the beverage was limited to the center's "tap room" which would evolve into the Kilcawley Pub. In addition to the beer and other non-alcoholic drinks, The Pub became well-known for its whole wheat crust pizza. It also served as a meeting place for student organizations and occasionally provided live entertainment. The Pub remained a University-managed concern until 1998, when the facility was taken over by a private vendor. en_US
dc.description In 1942 the Inter-Fraternity Council hosted a ball for all the Greeks at Youngstown College. In 1946 the event was renamed the Pan-Hellenic Dance. Held annually, the dance was presided over by an elected Sweetheart, and beginning in 1952, featured a decorated booth contest for all sororities and fraternities. Themes varied from year to year, with some taken from television, literature, and leisure activities.
dc.description.abstract The Social Traditions display features the history of Sadie Hawkin's Day, May Day, Spring Weekend, and The Snow-Flake Frolic. View the Full Item Record for more details. en_US
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dc.title Social Traditions en_US
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