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  • Unknown author (Mahoning Valley Historical Society Newsletter, 2003-01)
    A profile on P. Ross Berry, bricklayer who built much of Youngstown in the 19th and early 20th centuries, from the Delta Heritage Project.
  • Unknown author (1944-01-30)
    P.C. Pickard, Walter Chetister and Howard Jones, January 30, 1944. Original photograph is located in the black 1940s photograph binder.
  • Turner, Kerry Lynn.; Youngstown State University. Dept. of History. (2001)
    The work examines the pagan nostalgia and anti-clerical hostility in early Irish literature, from the inception of the Celtic Christian church to the eve of the Norman invasion in 1171. The sentimental longing and animosity ...
  • Unknown author (2011-10-19)
    This is a painting of a building surrounded by water and boats.
  • Brown, Aubrey (2013)
    During the nineteenth century, middle- and upper-class citizens often viewed poverty as a form of moral delinquency among members of the working class rather than as an economic imbalance influenced by the rise of ...
  • Rafeedie, Fouad Y. (1981-05-30)
    Transcript of interview taped on May 30, 1981. Tape length 41 minutes. Tape stored in Youngstown Historical Center for Industry and Labor Archives. 11 leaves.
  • Kalsbeek, Chloe (2020)
  • Unknown author (2011-01-31)
    Xerox image of the cover for a pamphlet by the Pincham's Initiative Resource Center Inc., from the Delta Heritage Project.
  • Unknown author (1953-02-18)
    Pan Hellenic Sweetheart Candidates, February 18, 1953. Original photograph is located in the black 1950s photograph binder.
  • Unknown author (1944)
    A group photo of Pan-Hellenic Council in 1944. Standing: E. Whalen, T. Hendrickson, K. Dykema, J. Mehler. Seated: A. Vagnozzi, H. DeCicco, D. Otterman, J. Peppel, T. Pagliasotti.
  • Unknown author (1945)
    Council members. Front row (L-R): D'Isa, VAgnozzi, and Welsh. Back row (L-R): Whelan, Watt, Humphry, Thomas, Wilkos, Loney, Mehler.
  • Spence, Jackie (2001-04-10)
    A panel of speakers discussed ways to lessen the hold of organized crime on the city of Youngstown. The group recently returned from a trip to Palermo, Italy, a city which faces the same issues.
  • Rodgers, Bill (2005-09-20)
    Dr. David Sweet announced the formation of a panel to investigate labor-management issues at YSU. The president will include members from both on and off campus.
  • Unknown author (1988-01-15)
    Dan Kamin will bring his acclaimed show, "The Pantomime Man," To YSU at 11a.m. and 12:30p.m. Saturday, Feb. 6 in Bliss Recital Hall. The Office of Continuing Education at YSU will offer two photography courses on a non-credit ...
  • Gianoglio, Angela (2001-02-13)
    Angela Gianoglio writes a tribute to Burke Lyden, founder of YSU's student newspaper. Lyden died at the age of 91 on February 8, 2001.
  • Striegel, Mary.; Youngstown State University. Criminal Justice Dept. (1999)
    Traditional federal Medicare, which provides health insurance coverage for approximately 13% of the national population, spent $213 billion in 1997. Due to medical advances, escalating healthcare costs and the rising senior ...
  • Sammartino, Michael (2015)
    The purpose of this research is to design and model a digital system to acquire, lock, and track a GPS signal in parallel on an FPGA. This project aims to reduce the receiver's time to first fix from a cold start. Applications ...
  • Bovornkiratikajorn, Sermsilpa ([Youngstown, Ohio] : Youngstown State University, 1973., 1973)
    The purpose of this thesis is to investigate the parametric vibration of a beam-column including the effects of shearing stress and transverse and rotary inertia. The effect of shear on the dynamic regions of stability and ...
  • Palermo, Barbara (2006)
    This research was conducted in an attempt to validate the use of psychics as an alternative form of criminal investigation. Police investigations have been traditionally been limited to standard practices and accepted ...
  • Unknown author (1968-02-09)
    Dr. Nicholas Paraska, associate professor of civil engineering, was appointed dean of the new Technical and Community College of the university. He had been a member of the YSU faculty since 1960.

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