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  • Unknown author (1948)
  • Unknown author (1937-12-15)
    Professor H. N. Burt took a leave of absence from his teaching duties at Youngstown College to work on his Ph.D. degree at Yale University. John McCorkle was hired to take Burt's place in the classroom. Burt taught both ...
  • Unknown author (1951-10-17)
    Professor Harold R. Crites, an assistant professor of English and a social science teacher, was named faculty advisor to "The Jambar."
  • Unknown author (1936-09-17)
    The Youngstown College Science Department announced the creation of a course in metallurgy. Professor Denton Doll was to teach the course.
  • Unknown author (1941-12-10)
    Professor Karl W. Dykema was elected advisor to Delta Epsilon, a scholastic honorary fraternity at Youngstown College.
  • Unknown author (1952-02-15)
    Professor Karl Dykema of Youngstown College's English faculty was elected chairman of the Group on Present-Day English of the Modern Lanuguage Association.
  • Unknown author (1956-04-20)
    Professor Donald Elser of the Youngstown Universitiy Speech and Dramatics faculty was published in the journal "Dramatics." His article, "Writing the One-Act Play," was the lead piece in the journal's March 1956 issue.
  • Unknown author (1943-11-24)
    Under the direction of Dr. Clarence Gould, the International Relations Club at Youngstown College was reorganized and officers were elected.
  • Unknown author (1950-02-11)
    Professor Elbert B. Smith, Jr., associate professor of history at Youngstown College, was granted his doctor of philosophy degree by the University of Chicago.
  • Unknown author (1945-10-12)
    Professor Willard L. Webster was hospitalized for a throat infection and was expected to be discharged from St. Elizabeth's Hospital within a few days. Students from his Embyrology class each expressed regards for Professor ...
  • Unknown author (1948-04-21)
    Professor William H. Taft, an instructor of both English and business administration and advisor to The Jambar, announced his resignation from Youngstown College. He accepted an offer from another institution to serve as ...
  • Unknown author (1958-03-02)
    Professor Bernard J. Yozwiak, a member of the YU mathematics faculty, was awarded a Science Faculty Fellowship by the National Science Foundation for the summers of 1958 and 1959. He was to use the time to work toward his ...
  • Kolarik, Jo Ann (1984-05-29)
    Carey Cavanaugh, a professor of political science at YSU, accepted a position with the U.S. Department of State as a Foreign Service Officer. Cavanaugh stated that he would be specializing in political affairs and hopes ...
  • Unknown author (1986-11-09)
    Dr. Joan Ferry DiGiulio, associate professor of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work at YSU, presented a research paper at the 96th annual Forum of the Ohio Welfare Conference in Cleveland. Her paper focused on her ...
  • Unknown author (1954-04-04)
    Professor James Phillips and Frank Deronga, April 04, 1954. Original photograph is located in the black 1950s photograph binder.
  • Jenkins, Richard M. (1989-05-26)
    The late Dr. Gary L. Green is euologized. A professor of American literature in the YSU English Department, Green died of cancer.
  • Banner, Valerie (2001-03-29)
    Professor Sarah Brown-Clark is recognized for being a positive role model for African-American women. The award presentation was part of Women's History Month.
  • Unknown author (1985-10-08)
    Dr. Ilajean Feldmiller, professor of home economics, announced her retirement after serving 40 years at YSU.

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