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  • Unknown author (1998-12)
    A portrait of Dr. H.W. Shawn Kim.
  • Chairpersons Development Committee (2002-01-15)
    Handbook for Department Chairs at Youngstown State University covering roles and responsibilities of academic chairpersons.
  • Unknown author (2004)
    Caroline Oltmanns hands at a Steinway piano. Photograph taken when the Dana School of Music became an "All Steinway School".
  • Unknown author (1988-01-08)
    Dr. George Beelen, chairman of YSU's History Department, wrote "Harding and Mexico: Diplomacy by Economic Persuasion, 1920-1923," which details the political relations between Mexico and the U.S. after a decade of turbulence.
  • Evans, James (2011-01-31)
    Elaine Harry during the Fall 2007 Commencement ceremonies about to receive her undergraduate degree in General Studies.
  • Unknown author (1992-11)
    A portrait of Dr. Hassan Ronaghy.
  • Unknown author (1966-04-20)
    The head table of the dedication dinner for Kilcawley Center. Left to Right : Mrs. Frank Purnell, Charles Watson, Mrs. Smith, Dean Joseph Smith, Jerry Knight, Mrs. Knight, Pres. Jones, Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Byron Christman, ...
  • Unknown author
    Gina Rodregues, Fitness Management and Health Promotion Specialist, left, watches Tony Whitney, Director of the Human Perfromance lab on step bench.
  • Unknown author
    A photograph of a Health and Human Services class. Four people are gathered around a mannequin patient in a hospital bed.
  • Unknown author
    A photograph of the Health Center CPR demonstration.
  • Unknown author
    A photograph from the Health Center, a nursing taking a patient's blood pressure.
  • Unknown author
    A photograph of Health Sciences class in a studio. A group of women are sitting on the floor, and one woman is standing in the center.
  • Unknown author
    A photograph of three female students exercising on machines.
  • Unknown author (1995-03)
    A portrait of Dr. Helen Savage.
  • Unknown author (1985-01-11)
    Dr. Jurgis Karuza, psychologist, researcher and author, will speak on "Helping the Elderly : Responsibility, Control and Support," at 1 p.m. Jan. 25 at YSU. The Office of Continuing Education at YSU will offer a six-week ...
  • Unknown author (2011-01-31)
    Outline or timeline of the history of Youngstown State University from the beginnings of the YMCA in 1868 to 1978. Includes a table that charts enrollment figures for each decade from the 1930s through the 1960s and a ...
  • Unknown author (1990-12-05)
    A photograph of the History Department members who went on a trip to Mexico, 1990.
  • Unknown author (2011-10-19)
    This contains information about the Youngstown State University History Department in 2000. Policies and Responsibilites are included.
  • Domonkos, Leslie S. (2011-11-01)
    This is a speech written by Dr. Domonkos about the histoy of Hungary.
  • Unknown author (2005-12-13)
    A photo of YSU student Warren Register taking a test.

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