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  • Youngstown College. (1955)
    Youngstown University student, Tony DelBane running to third base, circa. 1955.
  • Unknown author (1968)
  • Unknown author (1933)
    A composite of proofs, in 4 of Mr. Bartz's classes.
  • Unknown author (2005-06-06)
    The Youngstown Early College program completes its first year of operation. The cooperative program between Youngstown State University and the Youngstown Public Schools allows high school students to take college level courses.
  • Unknown author (2011-01-29)
    The first YMCA building (1892-1915) was located at the corner of East Federal and Champion Streets in downtown Youngstown.
  • Josh Stipanovich; Aaron Workman; Lamar Salter (YSU Student Government Association, 2010-12)
  • Torisk, Emmalee C. (YSU Student Government Association, 2013-05)
    A group of YSU students visited San Salvador. Nick Celio battles blight in Youngstown. Chris Cotelesse tags along with the YSU ROTC. Aspasia Lyras and Lori Shelby start a "Heart Youngstown" blog. Rocco Sait opens a art ...
  • Kerr, Rachael; Medore, Josh; Twoey, Cassandra (YSU Student Government Association, 2012-11)
    Rose Bonilla writes about the allure of ice cream including Handel's and Katie's Korner. John Depinto writes about the backstage work of putting on a production at the Youngstown Playhouse or YSU's Ford Theater. Hamza Kamal ...
  • Lamar Salter; Josh Stipanovich (YSU Student Government Association, 2012-05)
  • Rachael Kerr; Cassandra Twoey (YSU Student Government Association, 2014-05)
  • Lamar Salter; Josh Stipanovich (YSU Student Government Association, 2011-12)
  • Sole, Sarah (YSU Student Government Association, 2009-05)
    DSK makes horror comedy. Jones Fest moves to Nelson's Ledges. VexFest continues in downtown Youngstown. Brian Cetina interviews comic book author Chris Yambar. Chris Kole gives lessons for Mega Championship Wrestling. Lamar ...
  • Cristina Cala (YSU Student Government Association, 2008-05)
  • Jordan McNeil; Amanda Tonoli (YSU Student Government Association, 2015-05)
  • Morrison, Marah; Unger, Jordan (YSU Student Government Association, 2018-05)
    Cristina Cala and Mary Beth Earnheardt are interviewed about how the YO Magazine began. Previous editors and contributors shared their memories. Ian Frantz follows up with stories about Phil Kidd, Bob Barko, and Ray Simons. ...
  • Lamar Salter; Josh Stipanovich (YSU Student Government Association, 2011-05)
  • Cristina Cala (YSU Student Government Association, 2007-12)
  • Billy Ludt (YSU Student Government Association, 2016-05)
  • Baer, Kelly; Carradero, Carolyn; Cloutier, Abigail; Graneto, Aaron; McBride, Chris; Morrison, Marah; Nalbach, Madison; Pomeroy, Mac; Moore, Rachael (YSU Student Government Association, 2019-05)
    Whitney Tressel talks about her life with a camper van. John Stran explores Native American connections on campus and at the Butler Museum of American Art. Students help catalog the Calvin Collection at the Mahoning Valley ...
  • Diaz, Angelica; Brandenstein, Jake; Clause, Frances; Blaine, Aileen; Lutker, Alyssa; Vallas, Anne; Mosca, Zach; Hawthorne, Nathanael; Julius, Jules; Kish, Sierra; Stevenson, Dominique; Cloutier, Abigail; Elliott, Maria (YSU Student Government Association, 2020-05-12)
    Students write about experiences of people with dreadlocks, owners of vintage stores, consequences of fracking, a family who immigrated from Italy, the cost of concert tickets, and the difficulty of finding quality information ...

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