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  • Unknown author (Youngstown State University, 2006-03-12)
  • Unknown author (Youngstown State University., 2006-05-15)
  • Unknown author (Youngstown State University, 2006-04-27)
    Alumni awards dinner honoring Charles W. Swindler, an administrator; Ronald Marian, a counselor; Marie T. Viglio, a teacher; James Hall, Lifetime educational service award.
  • Unknown author (2005)
  • Unknown author (2004-10-14)
    Books produced and used when Harry Meshel, former state senator came to speak on the University campus, October 14, 2005.
  • 12th Note 
    Unknown author (WYSU-FM, 2005-07-01)
    Bi-monthly newletter "published for the friends of WYSU-FM".
  • Black, David. (2005-06-29)
  • Unknown author (2005-06-24)
    Resolution recognizing accreditation of the Bachelor of Social Work program from the University Board of Trustees. Signed by H.S. Wang, Board Chair and Dr. David C. Sweet, President.
  • Unknown author (2005-04)
    A photograph of Dr. David Stout, endowed chair of the Accounting And Finance Department, Williamson College of Business Administration.
  • Unknown author (2004-09-16)
    A photograph of Paul J. Kobulnicky, executive director of Maag Library.
  • Unknown author (2002-08)
    A photograph of Dr. H.S. Wang.
  • Unknown author (2003-08-14)
    A photograph of The University Courtyard Apartments, a part of the revitalization of Smokey Hollow.
  • Butler, Kate Mihaly (2004-06-02)
    "Winds of Change symbolizes the change that will take place in Youngstown with the implementation of Vision 2010. The brass swirl that wraps around the penguin represents wind. Wind, though it can be destructive, also ...
  • Roloff, Scott (2004-06-02)
    "Many works of literature allude to future events through a literary device called 'foreshadowing,' but what happens when our foreshadows come from the past? My design depicts the prosperity and strength of our past steel ...
  • Prince, Janice (2004-06-02)
    "I am an artist who truly enjoys visual stimuli, mostly from nature, and my art conveys the beauty and colors of nature. My design is a compilation of the many floral scenes painted by Monet, including the famous water ...
  • Escribano, Raymond (2004-06-02)
    "The muses were said to be the inspiration of the Arts, and the beauty of the seasons is art! Creation is a masterpiece and everything around us is an inspiration for art." Raymond Escribano was born in Chicago and moved ...
  • Daman, Jessica (2004-06-02)
    "This is no ordinary penguin. He dreams of great things in vivid color. He is a technicolor display of color and light. The pieces of glass imbedded on his body are a rainbow of shades and hues. A wondrous creature to ...
  • Pengwin 
    Dill, Chuck (2004-06-02)
    "This penguin represents one of the region's favorite football teams and depicts a player in full uniform, including shoulder pads, ready to run the ball. PENGWIN features official Brown's uniform components, including ...
  • Empire 
    Krug, Edward Anthony (2004-06-02)
    "The chance to represent a city, a community, a nation, is a chance not to be denied. Youngstown is a city whose steel manufacturing industry played a large part in building our great nation. The use of semi-precious ...

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