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  • Unknown author (1974-02-15)
    N. J. Leonelli, director of campus planning, announced that the proposed $5.9 million Arts and Sciences office and classroom building could be ready for occupancy by the spring of 1977.
  • Unknown author (1991-03-05)
    Dr. Bernard J. Yozwiak, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at YSU, announced his retirement effective December 31, 1991. Yozwiak joined the faculty in 1947 and was elected chair of the Mathematics Department in 1966. ...
  • Deutsch, Matthew (1995-05-26)
    YSU signed an agreement with four private institutions of higher learning to form the Northeastern Ohio/Western Pennsylvania Academic Alliance. The alliance was designed to create a partnership between the schools for the ...
  • Unknown author (1985-04-30)
    Dr. Morris Slavin, professor emeritus of history, was presented with the Ohio Academy of History's annual publication award for his book, "The French Revolution in Miniature."
  • Lane, Liz (1978-08-09)
    YSU's academic program received continued accreditation for the following decade as a result of an evaluation conducted by a team from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools in April 1978.
  • Rodgers, Bill (2005-09-27)
    YSU-ACE, the union of classified employees, and the university have not yet signed off on the contract negotiated last month. Differences over the terms of the early retirement incentive plan have delayed finalizing the agreement.
  • Unknown author (1982-06-24)
    Dr. Elizabeth Sterenberg died of leukemia in Youngstown's South Side Hospital. She was a full professor in the YSU Political Science Department, arriving at the University in 1957. Sterenberg was active in the Youngstown ...
  • Celidonio, John (1982-02-12)
    In a survey conducted by YSU-OEA, the faculty union, and the Adjunct Faculty Association (AFA), 59 percent of all part-time faculty support collective bargaining. This figure was not deemed high enough to warrant the ...
  • Turner, Beth Anne (1997-05-23)
    As part of an administrative shake-up, President Leslie Cochran appointed Judy Gaines the executive director of the Office of Student Life. Bassam Deeb, who held the post since it was created in 1995, became the executive ...
  • Ford, Kathleen Alexis (1971-03-09)
    Dr. James Adovasio, assistant professor in anthropology, announced that he will be taking a one-year leave of absence beginning on September 1, 1971. During his leave, Adovasio will work as a research assistant at the ...
  • Lovan, Cynthia (1994-04-29)
    Professor Melvin P. Mamula, who taught advertising at YSU since 1967, died of complications from pneumonia. While at the university, Mamula served as yearbook advisor and helped start the advertising club.
  • Unknown author (1976-10-08)
    With the help of State Senator Harry Meshel and donations from Edward J. DeBartolo, YSU purchased seven Smokey Hollow properties for future development.
  • George, Rick (1989-09-26)
    At a meeting of the YSU Board of Trustees, a new contract with the faculty union was ratified, ending a period of labor strife that resulted in the first strike by any campus union. Also, the resignation of Dr. Taylor ...
  • Unknown author (1977-10-21)
    The death of former YSU President Albert L. Pugsley was announced. The cause of death was thought to have been a heart attack.
  • Unknown author (1955-04-29)
    Alpha Phi Delta completed its Second Annual Organizational Library Fund Drive, netting $190.
  • Banner, Valerie (2000-10-12)
    Shannon Tirone is the new executive director of the YSU Alumni Association. She replaces Lori Factor.
  • Balale, Michael J. (2004-05-27)
    In an attempt to neutralize support for John Kerry, President Bush visited the largely Democratic Mahoning Valley this week. Ohio will play a significant role in the November election.
  • Unknown author (1995-07-06)
    Dr. Cyndy E. Anderson, assistant provost for planning at YSU, was named vice president of Student Affairs. She succeeds Dr. Raymond Dye who was made assistant to the president for enrollment management.
  • Unknown author (1958-10-03)
    In observance of Youngstown University's Golden Anniversary, the Youngstown University Student Convocation was held. YU President Howard W. Jones was honored and six students were recognized for academic achievement.
  • Unknown author (1993-10-08)
    Cheryl Staib has been named director of the YSU Annual Fund. Her hiring reflects President Cochran's emphasis on fund raising.

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