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  • Unknown author (1951-04-27)
    The Youngstown Chamber of Commerce announced that President Howard W. Jones was to be its honored guest at the Chamber's Spring Forum Dinner, May 1, 1951, in the Ballroom of the Hotel Pick-Ohio.
  • Unknown author (1962-10-19)
    An $83,000 cafeteria extension and bookstore was completed and opened. The main floor was to house the dining room and a receiving room. The basement level was to serve as the YU Bookstore.
  • Unknown author (1960-10-14)
    Photograph of Senator John F. Kennedy, the Democratic candidate for president of the United States, as he rode through downtown Youngstown following a speech made at the Tod Hotel. Hundreds of YU students participated in ...
  • Thomas, Bob (1993-05-21)
    YSU president Leslie Cochran unveiled Campus 2000 to the community. The plan includes the acquisition of property and the construction of as many as seven new buildings. Campus 2000 is one of three planning initiatives ...
  • Balale, Michael J. (2004-05-27)
    Security for the visit of President George W. Bush to YSU involved multi-agency cooperation. The Secret Service, the YSU Police Department, and the Youngstown Police Department all worked together to ensure the president's safety.
  • Unknown author (1952-02-29)
    Various campus organizations banded together to raise money for the new Youngstown College Library. Alpha Pi Epsilon and Alpha Phi Omega led the charge, along with the Friends of Youngstown College Library. The first ...
  • Unknown author (1957-11-22)
    Fire broke out in the wastepaper receptacle behind the Snack Bar and was quickly extinguished by the Youngstown Fire Department. It was believed that the fire was caused by a cigarette butt being carelessly tossed into the ...
  • Walsh, Kelly (2001-10-18)
    The Rose Melnick Medical Museum opened for business on October 15th. Under the direction of S. Victor Fleischer, the museum chronicles the history of medicine with an emphasis on local artifacts.
  • Unknown author (1948-10-28)
    Youngstown College announced the death of Professor John H. Cramer of the History Department. An Abraham Lincoln scholar, the 46-year old instructor died of a heart attack just six days after his third book on Lincoln was ...
  • Olin, Angela; Niser, Somoud (2002-01-24)
    The YSU police station is moving from University Plaza to the Red Cross building on Wood Street. The additional space will make the department safer and more efficient.
  • Roth, Steve (1980-08-07)
    Campus Security was renamed Campus Police, due to the extended authority granted to its officers by Columbus. Other changes included more training for personnel, better crime reporting via Uniform Crime Reports, and access ...
  • Stephan, Yvonne (1982-04-20)
    Over 200 demonstrators on campus protested Palestinian killings by Israelis on the West Bank and along the Gaza Strip. The march was organized by the General Union of Palestinian Students (GUPS).
  • Figueroa, Victoria (1985-10-29)
    Campus Security has relocated from Kilcawley Center to a renovated building on Spring Street directly behind the Alumni Association office.
  • Shaulis, Debora; Dobran, Joni (1988-02-23)
    Viewpoints regarding the murder of Kenmore Drake and the involvement of Dr. Timothy Lyons, dean of the College of Fine & Performing Arts, are presented.
  • Janesh, Barbara (1980-05-20)
    Mary B. Smith, director of career planning and placement services at YSU since 1973, announced her retirement after a total of 41 years of service at YSU. Prior to becoming career services director, Smith was head of ...
  • Unknown author (1978-05-19)
    At the dedication of YSU's College of Applied Science and Technology building, the structure was formally named Cushwa Hall in honor of the late Charles B. Cushwa, Jr., former YSU Board of Trustees member and president of ...
  • Unknown author (1982-07-01)
    Dr. Nicholas Paraska announced his retirement as the dean of the YSU College of Applied Science and Technology (CAST) after 13 years. He has been at the university for a total of 22 years.
  • Deutsch, Matthew (1993-02-23)
    The College of Health and Human Services, upon the recommendation of the Academic Planning Committee, was spun off of the College of Applied Science and Technology (CAST), thereby creating two colleges from one. Dr. John ...
  • Unknown author (1968-04-26)
    The conversion of the University Library's cataloging system from Dewey Decimal to the Library of Congress Classification System was highlighted. University Librarian Dr. George H. G. Jones believed that the LC system was ...
  • Unknown author (1971-03-05)
    A fire virtually destroyed the Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity house. The cause remained undetermined.

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