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  • Unknown author (1959-04-03)
    Youngstown University president Howard W. Jones was named "Humanitarian of the Year" by the Youngstown Eagles, Aerie 213.
  • Unknown author (1976-10-05)
    Dr. Marina Whitman, a professor of economics at the University of Pittsburgh and the first woman to be nominated to the board of directors of Proctor & Gamble Co., was selected to be YSU's first Skeggs Artists Lecturer.
  • Unknown author (1994-05-17)
    Dr. Clara M. Jennings has been named dean of the YSU College of Education effective August 1994. A native of Arkansas, Jennings is the first person of African-American descent to be appointed to a deanship at YSU.
  • Unknown author (1951-04-13)
    The Department of Education announced that all students wishing to enroll for a course in Education must have his/her schedule signed by an adviser in the Education Department. An application for admission to the Department ...
  • Unknown author (1964-04-17)
    A pilot training program for Youngstown University Army ROTC cadets was established under the auspices of the U.S. Air Force. The program was designed to encourage ROTC cadets to pursue careers in Army aviation.
  • Unknown author (1978-08-09)
    The advantages of electronic parking on campus are discussed by Student Government president Tony Koury and Don Minnis, director of auxiliary services at YSU.
  • Unknown author (1950-05-05)
    Professor Frank Ellis was appointed acting dean of the William Rayen School of Engineering by President Howard W. Jones. Ellis replaced Louis Deesz, who died from a fatal heart attack the previous month.
  • Lippa, Virginia Ann (1976-07-14)
    Frank Ellis, an instructor at YSU since 1945 in the Physics department, announced his retirement.
  • Unknown author (1947-01-17)
    Donald Elser, teacher of English and Speech at Youngstown College and the author of twelve successful plays, announced the publication of a new play entitled "No Need to Worry."
  • Unknown author (1985-07-11)
    Dom Rosselli resigns as baseball coach and retires completely from YSU athletics after a career spanning 46 years. He had previously stepped down as basketball coach.
  • Unknown author (1974-10-22)
    What appeared to have been an 'enemies list' of faculty and students was discovered in a file cabinet in the YSU security office. It was started during the fall quarter of 1968 and was updated as recently as spring quarter 1974.
  • Niser, Somoud (2002-02-19)
    Cooperation between YSU and First Energy Corporation has produced a new associate of technical studies degree. Graduates of the two-year program will receive a degree with a concentration in electric utility technology.
  • Unknown author (2005-02-03)
    The College of Engineering has joined with Delphi Packard to promote research in electromagnetics. Delphi will provide the necessary equiptment to further the project.
  • Unknown author (1949-10-07)
    Dr. Paul Narbutovskih, a member of Youngstown College's William Rayen School of Engineering, was honored with the presentation of the Westinghouse Electric Corporation's Vice President's Award.
  • Unknown author (1977-11-22)
    President John J. Coffelt reported to the Board of Trustees that enrollment at YSU dropped 1.2 percent from 1976 figures. Coffelt cited a six percent decline in the freshman class as being chiefly responsible for the decrease.
  • Unknown author (1957-10-25)
    Dr. Howard W. Jones, Youngstown University president, reported the highest enrollment in the history of YU. The heaviest enrollment occurred in the Engineering School, followed closely by the School of Business Administration.
  • Unknown author (1948-10-01)
    As the Fall 1948 semester began at Youngstown College, enrollment soared to a record total of 4,650.
  • Unknown author (1981-09-29)
    YSU officials projected a record high enrollment count of 16,100 for fall quarter; this tops the 15,784 count of fall quarter 1976.
  • Unknown author (1958-09-23)
    A record number of students were slated to attend Youngstown University in the fall of 1958. Figures indicated a registration surpassing 6,000 students.
  • Unknown author (2005-02-15)
    For the 13th straight semester, enrollment at YSU continues to grow.

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