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  • Unknown author (1977-05-27)
    The appointment of the Rev. Dianne Kenny as the new Protestant chaplain at YSU was announced.
  • Rodgers, Bill (2005-07-07)
    Dr. Ikram Khawaja is named interim dean of the College of Arts and Sciences after the resignation of Dean Robert Bolla.
  • Unknown author (1974-10-01)
    Kilcawley Student Center is officially dedicated.
  • Unknown author (1974-04-04)
    The newly-renovated Kilcawley Student Center was opened with many special activities being staged in celebration of the event.
  • Unknown author (1966-04-15)
    The Planning Committee for Kilcawley Student Center announced that the dedication of the new facility would take place on April 20, 1966.
  • Unknown author (1968-04-12)
    Student feelings and opinions were expressed in the wake of the assassination of civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • Grosso, Eric (2005-11-01)
    Martin Luther King III was a keynote speaker for community leaders seeking to improve Youngstown's image. King believes that positive energy is an important ingrediant to success in such endeavors.
  • Snier, Bill (1977-05-20)
    A smoldering cigarette butt left on an office chair covered with papers and files was the cause of a fire that occurred in the office of the Wicker Basket Restaurant manager. There was no damage estimate.
  • Fakner, Colleen (1989-09-29)
    Dr. James Michael Kohut has been appointed assistant dean of the College of Applied Science and Technology.
  • Unknown author (1973-09-25)
    Dr. Karl E. Krill, dean of the YSU Graduate School, was promoted to vice president for Administrative Affairs by Dr. John J. Coffelt. In his new position, Dr. Krill was responsible for campus planning and development, ...
  • Lippa, Virginia Ann (1977-03-24)
    Dr. Karl Krill, vice president for administrative affairs, announced his retirement from YSU.
  • Unknown author (1942-02-11)
    Louis A. Deesz, a combustion engineer for the Republic Steel Corporation, was appointed dean of the engineering school. Deesz, who held a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from the Carnegie Institute of ...
  • Santillo, Mike (2001-02-13)
    Ed DiGregorio earns his 300th career win as the Lady Penguin's head basketball coach. The team beat the Valparaiso Crusaders 74 to 59.
  • Shutrump, Jeanne (1952-10-17)
    Lt. Col. Eugene Lash was appointed professor of military science at Youngstown College. A member of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery branch of the Army, Lash was a World War II veteran and had previously served in Japan.
  • Unknown author (1952-03-28)
    Frank J. Battisti, a local attorney, was appointed to the School of Law faculty at Youngstown College. He was a graduate of Ohio University and received his law degree from Harvard. Following his admission to the Ohio Bar ...
  • Unknown author (1954-04-23)
    The Youngstown College Law School announced the addition of local attorney Theodore Cubbison to its faculty. Cubbison was a YoCo alumnus and former assistant city prosecutor.
  • Unknown author (1967-02-24)
    The appointment of Nick J. Leonelli to the newly created position of Director of Physical Plant was announced. Leonelli's areas of responsibility included physical plant maintenance, operations, and the general appearance ...
  • Unknown author (1989-03-31)
    YSU announces the publication of "Women in History, Literature, and the Arts," a 420-page collection of essays regarding female contributions to Western culture. This volume was compiled in honor of Hildegard Schnuttgen ...
  • Unknown author (1955-12-09)
    Unofficial results from the campaign to raise money for the Youngstown College Library were $609 from classroom canvassing and $517 from faculty members. President Howard Jones was pleased with this achievement.
  • Unknown author (1942-02-25)
    The fifth annual campaign for the Youngstown College library was inaugurated on February 16, 1942 by the first of a series of radio addresses. The goal for 1942 was $5,000.

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