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  • Unknown author (1942-02-11)
    Louis A. Deesz, a combustion engineer for the Republic Steel Corporation, was appointed dean of the engineering school. Deesz, who held a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from the Carnegie Institute of ...
  • Santillo, Mike (2001-02-13)
    Ed DiGregorio earns his 300th career win as the Lady Penguin's head basketball coach. The team beat the Valparaiso Crusaders 74 to 59.
  • Shutrump, Jeanne (1952-10-17)
    Lt. Col. Eugene Lash was appointed professor of military science at Youngstown College. A member of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery branch of the Army, Lash was a World War II veteran and had previously served in Japan.
  • Unknown author (1952-03-28)
    Frank J. Battisti, a local attorney, was appointed to the School of Law faculty at Youngstown College. He was a graduate of Ohio University and received his law degree from Harvard. Following his admission to the Ohio Bar ...
  • Unknown author (1954-04-23)
    The Youngstown College Law School announced the addition of local attorney Theodore Cubbison to its faculty. Cubbison was a YoCo alumnus and former assistant city prosecutor.
  • Unknown author (1967-02-24)
    The appointment of Nick J. Leonelli to the newly created position of Director of Physical Plant was announced. Leonelli's areas of responsibility included physical plant maintenance, operations, and the general appearance ...
  • Unknown author (1989-03-31)
    YSU announces the publication of "Women in History, Literature, and the Arts," a 420-page collection of essays regarding female contributions to Western culture. This volume was compiled in honor of Hildegard Schnuttgen ...
  • Unknown author (1955-12-09)
    Unofficial results from the campaign to raise money for the Youngstown College Library were $609 from classroom canvassing and $517 from faculty members. President Howard Jones was pleased with this achievement.
  • Unknown author (1942-02-25)
    The fifth annual campaign for the Youngstown College library was inaugurated on February 16, 1942 by the first of a series of radio addresses. The goal for 1942 was $5,000.
  • Unknown author (1940-03-13)
    The 1940 library drive sponsored by the Friends of the Youngstown College Library Association netted $5,000 toward its ten-year goal of $50,000.
  • Unknown author (1942-03-11)
    The Friends of the Youngstown College Library Association announced that they had nearly completed their fifth annual fund drive with the target amount of $5,000 being reached.
  • Unknown author (1952-04-09)
    A total of $138.18 was given in a room-to-room canvass conducted by Alpha Pi Epsilon and Alpha Phi Omega service organizations. The money raised was added to the building fund for the new library.
  • Unknown author (1950-03-10)
    Library Drive chairman Bob Gray announced that a recent fundraising campaign collected $2,892 in donations.
  • Unknown author (1947-04-11)
    Upon the death of Clarence J. Strouss, it was asked that funeral contributions be made to the Youngstown College Library Fund in lieu of flowers. $747 was raised, bringing the fund's total to $11,980.
  • Unknown author (1936-01-21)
    After extensive remodeling, the Youngstown College "arts" library was moved to the fourth floor of the college building. The former facility, on the main floor, was to be devoted to the law school's library.
  • Unknown author (1971-12-03)
    University librarian Dr. George H. Jones announced that the process of converting books from the Dewey Decimal Classification system of cataloging to the Library of Congress system would be completed by December 1972. The ...
  • Unknown author (1977-10-11)
    Maag Library staff members filed a grievance in which they opposed a dress code unilaterally established by university librarian Richard J. Owen. Owen promised strict enforcement although his code ran counter to the ...
  • Unknown author (1951-04-13)
    Youngstown College library director James W. Pirie announced that library training would be made available to students in two new departments scheduled to open in the fall of 1951. Major fields in Children's Library and ...
  • Unknown author (1947-11-21)
    Louis A. Deesz, dean of the William Rayen School of Engineering, announced that the Youngstown Engineering and Welding Company presented a boiler to the school. The gift was valued at approximately $6,000 and was to be ...
  • Unknown author (1969-10-10)
    Support continued to grow throughout campus for a moratorium on the war in Vietnam. While YSU President Albert L. Pugsley refused to cancel classes in support of the moratorium, others, such as University Librarian Dr. ...

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