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  • Unknown author (1968-01-05)
    YSU students adjust to the new academic calendar based upon quarters instead of semesters. The new calendar began with the Fall 1967 year.
  • Unknown author (1942-09-16)
    Since the demise of her mate, Youngstown College's surviving live mascot, Patricia Penguin, spent the summer at the Cleveland Zoo. It was decided that she would remain at the zoo until a proper facility was constructed for ...
  • George, Rick (The Jambar, 1990-02-06)
    The AIDS Quilt comes to Younstown and is put on display in the Chestnut Room of Kilcawley Center. The Quilt contains the names of 11,000 victims of the disease.
  • R.I.P. 
    Unknown author (1941-01-22)
    Pete (a.k.a. Petey) Penguin, Youngstown College's first live mascot, drowned while pursuing a fish under the ice of a frozen pond in Crandall Park. A darling of the local media, Petey was the subject of a formal obtituary ...
  • Unknown author (1968-04-26)
    The YSU Radio Show, a long-standing Saturday broadcast on WFMJ Radio, was cancelled. Station officials claimed that they could no longer afford the time for the show.
  • Pennell, Joseph (1949-05-09)
    The college radio program, the YoCo Quarter Hour, celebrated its first anniversary. The show was broadcast over WKBN Radio on Saturday mornings and highlighted people and events relating to Youngstown College.
  • Deutsch, Matthew (1995-05-16)
    After 12 years as director of the Cooperative Campus Ministry (CCM) at YSU, the Rev. James E. Ray announced his retirment. Ray, a Presbyterian minister, began his campus ministry career in 1963 at the University of Illinois. ...
  • Dobran, Joni (1988-03-04)
    Campus reaction to the resignation of Dean Timothy Lyons is presented.
  • Powell, Jolene (2002-07-25)
    The freshman reading program begins this fall. The selected title will be used in several general education courses.
  • Grosso, Eric (2005-09-22)
    Monday marks the opening of the 67,000 square-foot $12.1 million dollar Andrews Student Recreation Center. In addition to non-stop exercise, the rec center offers a 53 foot climbing wall, jogging track and indoor basketball ...
  • Serroka, Kristen (2002-07-11)
    Susan Khawaja is retiring from the Center for International Studies and Programs. Khawaja has been the assistant director since 1978.
  • Unknown author (1961-05-05)
    A $15 million plan to expand Youngstown University was made public, calling for 19 new buildings and the acquisition of 82 additional acres for the campus. The plan was drawn up by H. L. McLean, YU's development consultant.
  • Unknown author (1972-02-29)
    In a letter sent by President Albert Pugsley to the Student Council and Student Government, he denied an immediate transfer of funds to support a day center and the Cooperative Campus Ministry. As a result, a request for ...
  • Gay, Pamela (1987-04-03)
    The Ohio Board of Regents approved a bachelor's degree in allied health. This would include students in respiratory therapy, emergency medical technology, and dental hygiene.
  • Shaulis, Sherri (The Jambar, 1992-02-07)
    YSU begins updating its registration procedures by converting to a computer-based, student-initiated system.
  • Unknown author (1987-12-04)
    Photograph of the Gina Tenney Memorial Sculpture at Bliss Hall.
  • Unknown author (1976-09-24)
    Phil Hirsh (sic), the director of Kilcawley Center, announced that the center's renovation was nearly complete.
  • Unknown author (1948-01-16)
    The Reverand Albert L. Linder of Mansfield, Ohio, accepted the post of minister to Protestant students at Youngstown College.
  • Unknown author (1966-04-01)
    The Reverend Burton N. Cantrell was named YU's new Protestant chaplain by the Youngstown Area Council of Churches.
  • Unknown author (1966-02-04)
    The Reverend Mark Campbell was appointed Orthodox Chaplain of Youngstown University by the Eastern Orthodox Clergy Association of Mahoning Valley. Previously, he served as advisor to YU's Eastern Orthodox Student Fellowship.

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