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  • Unknown author (1958-03-09)
    A brief history of Youngstown University was offered by "The Jambar."
  • Unknown author (1957-09-27)
    An estimated 5,408 students were registered to attend Youngstown University during the Fall 1957 semester, according to official figures. This number represented an increase of 139 more than the previous year's enrollment.
  • Unknown author (1956-09-28)
    Enrollment for the fall 1956 semester reached a record high of 5,205 for the College of Arts & Sciences, the Rayen School of Engineering, and the Dana School of Music. This figure represented a gain of approximately 600 ...
  • Unknown author (1976-09-24)
    Dr. John J. Yemma, associate professor of biological sciences at YSU, was appointed the first chair of the YSU department of Allied Health.
  • Unknown author (1973-07-26)
    Harold Yiannaki, assistant director of Admissions, was selected to succeed Dr. Robert Tufts as University Registrar, effective August 1, 1973. Tufts previously left YSU to take a position at the University of Akron.
  • Unknown author (1943-09-29)
    John W. Bare assumed his new job as principal of the Columbiana (Ohio) grade and high school. Bare was head of the Youngstown College psychology department and advisor to The Jambar. He also served as dean of men as well ...
  • Unknown author (1949-02-11)
    Youngstown College president Howard W. Jones announced the addition of six part-time members of the faculty.
  • Unknown author (1947-03-28)
    Younstown College president Howard W. Jones announced the purchase of the Butler property along Wick Avenue and extending to Bryson Street. Built in 1914 by the late Henry A. Butler, the residence previously served as the ...
  • Unknown author (1951-03-02)
    Receipts from the Yocohooey musical performance totaled $1,619.60. Proceeds went to a Youngstown College scholarship fund.
  • Unknown author (1933-12-15)
    According to an enrollment survey conducted by the Cleveland "Plain Dealer," Youngstown College ranked 25th out of 47 Ohio colleges and universities; YoCo's enrollment rose from 418 students in the 1932-33 academic year ...
  • Unknown author (1933-12-15)
    "The Jambar" commented on the placing of Youngstown College on the list of colleges approved for teacher training by the Ohio Department of Education. Director Howard W. Jones stated that this seal of approval was the most ...
  • Unknown author (1933-12-15)
    The acceptance of academic credits earned at Youngstown College was discussed. While most institutions accepted only credits earned at colleges and universities belonging to the North Central Association, many granted ...
  • Unknown author (1935-09-18)
    The appointment of Howard E. Sutton as Youngstown College's new business manager was announced. Before coming to YoCo, Sutton served as the sales promotion manager for the Ohio Edison Company.
  • Unknown author (1936-06-11)
    The twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of Youngstown College is commemorated.
  • Unknown author (1971-07-22)
    Dr. Bernard J. Yozwiak, chair of the mathematics department, was appointed dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Yozwiak replaced Dr. Karl W. Dykema who died in July 1970.
  • Unknown author (1976-09-24)
    Pauline Noe, an instructor in health and physical education at Thiel College since 1973, was appointed assistant athletic director.
  • Poe, Christina; Tabak, Elizabeth (2004-04-20)
    A ground breaking ceremony was held on April 19th for the Andrews Student Recreation and Wellness Center in the lobby of Beeghly Center.
  • Unknown author (1993-04-13)
    President Cochran has appointed Thomas Kane and Dr. Stephen Hanzely to head up the Office of Labor Relations. The new office will handle contract negotiations, interpretation, grievance processing, and arbitration. As ...
  • Unknown author (1974-07-25)
    YSU's Credit Union Study Committee petitioned to become a charter member of the Federal Credit Union. Approval of the charter was expected within six weeks.
  • Landsberger, Joe (1998-07-30)
    In the wake of a seven-week strike by members of the United Auto Workers at the General Motors assembly plant in Lordstown, YSU announced that it would offer automatic tuition payment extensions to students whose funding ...

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