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  • Unknown author (1931-01-14)
    Facsimile of the front page of the first issue of "The Jambar," 1931.
  • Unknown author (1931-01-14)
    This is the first edition of The Jambar. Much discussion is given to the athletics of Youngstown College, in particular the basketball team, and a note from Director of Youngstown College, Homer L. Nearpass, who offers ...
  • Unknown author (1931-01-21)
    Kamus Komment discusses this idea of "school spirit." The Youngstown College basketball team lost to the Hiram College Terriers, hence the team still has growing facial hair and refuses to cut it till a win. From Behind ...
  • Unknown author (1931-01-28)
    H.L. Nearpass writes to the students about the value of testing and that students will not only be tested on their knowledge but also their strength of character. The Youngstown College basketball team lost to the Indiana ...
  • Unknown author (1931-02)
    Don Boylan is cited as the Youngstown College student to purchase the first copy of "The Jambar." The price was two cents and it was produced on a mimeograph machine.
  • Unknown author (1931-02-04)
    H. L. Nearpass' column notes that students today are better off than their fathers. A poem about "The Jambar" is included. Various student organizational meetings are scheduled.
  • Unknown author (1931-02-04)
    The text is a poem composed in dedication to "The Jambar" as it began its publication run.
  • Unknown author (1931-02-11)
    An architect's drawing of the planned Youngstown College building (now Jones Hall) was made available for public inspection.
  • Unknown author (1931-02-11)
    Kampus Komment addresses the contradicting treatment of Freshmen. The column From Behind the Desk H.L. Nearpass explains that "Only the fool or the coward blames his failure on Fate. The wise, courageous soul says to ...
  • Unknown author (1931-02-18)
    This edition is concerned about the parking situation on campus, in particular to the professors, and the establishment of a faculty only parking section. From Behind the Desk of H.L. Nearpass, he discusses the negative ...
  • Unknown author (1931-02-25)
    In the article "Deacon Decantur Declares" School spirit is brought up in particular with the basketball team. It is encouraged to show enthusiasm and school spirit by pushing clubs, sports, The Jambar and the Annual. The ...
  • Unknown author (1931-03-04)
    From Behind The Desk H.L. Nearpass speaks of the dangers of reckless driving. The Youngstown College basketball team close this season off with a loss. Only one game was won this season but the team is hopeful for next ...
  • Unknown author (1931-03-11)
    From Behind the Desk, H.L.Nearpass speaks of the value of friendship. Thieving has been happening around campus. Kamus Komment makes comments on Athletics and in particular roller skating. The Men's Glee Club announced ...
  • Unknown author (1931-03-18)
    From Behind the Desk of H.L. Nearpass, he discusses the importance of perseverance, patience, and preparedness in order to succeed in the world especially in the economy of the time. The Jambar interviews Dr. Bowden about ...
  • Chemistry 
    Unknown author (1931-03-27)
    Dr. Eugene Scudder, head of the Youngstown College Chemistry Department, promoted his field of study.
  • Unknown author (1931-03-27)
    From Behind the Desk of Homer Nearpass, he tells students to make the most of their college education in order to prepare for a life of service to mankind, for those are the people who "are not now increasing the length ...
  • Unknown author (1931-04-01)
    Homer Nearpass' column focuses on the celebration of Easter. The College Publicity department voices its support of the school newspaper the Jambar and the school annual. The third annual Spring Dance is scheduled. The ...
  • Unknown author (1931-04-24)
    Kampus Komments comments about Spring in the air in spite of the snow Wednesday. The Dramatic and Public Speaking Classes got to hear Mr. Sam Sidman, a prominent stage actor, speak Thursday April 23. Betty Miller was elected ...
  • Unknown author (1931-05-12)
    From Behind the Desk, H.L.Nearpass speaks of the destruction of trees on campus. A breakfast dance was held at Pioneer Pavilion May 1. The event, The Bare Brunch, was named in honor of Prof. J.W. Bare, the originator of ...
  • Unknown author (1931-05-20)
    From Behind the Desk H.L. Nearpass announces the cornerstone for the new educational building will be laid at a celebration next Sunday, May 24. An editorial from The Jambar announces its "Say Hello" Campaign. The Dramatic ...

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