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  • Unknown author (9999)
    Letter of religious (Roman Catholic) inspiration written to Fiorentina DiLallo, undated.
  • Renato (1968-12-13)
    This letter is Renato's first correspondence with Lucia. Renato is Rocco's youngest son who continues the contact between America and Italy. No translation is available for this item.
  • Lariccia, Ben; Cuppone, Laura, translator (9999)
    The chain letters of Saint Anthony were and still are part of common belief. According to this ritual, the receiver must answer the letter or suffer pain and bad luck.
  • Lariccia, Ben; Cuppone, Laura, translator (9999)
    Lucia's goddaughter writes to ask Lucia to visit her sister. There is no translation for this item.
  • St. Anthony’s Orphanage for Girls, Of the canonic A. M. Di Francia (1966-06-11)
    This letter contains thanks from the St. Anthony’s Orphanage for Girls for the donation.
  • Bisceglia, Lucia (1917-05-29)
    From her hometown of Montelongo, Italy, Lucia Biscelgia pens a sympathy letter to her future brother-in-law Gennaro (James) Lariccia in the US. He has just lost his beloved young wife Carmela Gialdini in childbirth on April 29.
  • Unknown author (2011-02-02)
    The letter is supposedly an eyewitness account of a centurion who witnessed the Crucifixion. The letter was supposed to confer health and good luck to women in childbirth.

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