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  • Unknown author (1935-09-18)
    A comprehensive group study plan was offered by the Youngstown College Social Science Department.
  • Unknown author (1936-01-21)
    After extensive remodeling, the Youngstown College "arts" library was moved to the fourth floor of the college building. The former facility, on the main floor, was to be devoted to the law school's library.
  • Unknown author (1936-01-21)
    Dr. Robert D. Bowden, head of Youngstown College's Social Science Department, took out petitions to run as a candidate for Congress as representative of the 19th District. Bowden hoped to unseat the incumbent, Representative ...
  • Unknown author (1936-04-30)
    Dr. Robert D. Bowden, head of the Youngstown College Social Science Department, published "Boies Penrose: Symbol of an Era." Penrose was the Republican political boss of Philadelphia who dominated Pennsylvania politics ...
  • Unknown author (1936-06-11)
    The twenty-fifth anniversary of the founding of Youngstown College is commemorated.
  • Unknown author (1936-09-17)
    Joseph E. Smith was named head of the social science department at Youngstown College. Smith, a Rhodes Scholar, was formerly the chairman of social science at Hiram College and was also a part-time instructor at Youngstown ...
  • Unknown author (1936-09-17)
    P. C. Pickard was appointed business manager of Youngstown College. In addition, Pickard was also assigned to teach accounting.
  • Unknown author (1936-09-17)
    The Youngstown College Science Department announced the creation of a course in metallurgy. Professor Denton Doll was to teach the course.
  • Unknown author (1937-09-20)
    Mrs. Catherine Berg Semans, an instructor in the English and Psychology Departments, was appointed Dean of Women of Youngstown College by President Howard W. Jones.
  • Unknown author (1937-10-22)
    Professor Denton T. Doll announced the purchase of a new electric furnace to be used by the Science Department. The new furnace was manufactured by the Hotchkiss Company and cost over $400.
  • Unknown author (1937-10-22)
    A chapter of the national business fraternity, Phi Theta Pi, was established at Youngstown College. The fraternity was first organized in 1926 and went national in 1928.
  • Unknown author (1937-11-17)
    A large parking lot on Wick Avenue was unexpectedly closed to communting students. The lot fell within an area zoned as a residential district by the City of Youngstown.
  • Unknown author (1937-11-17)
    Youngstown College basketball coach Ray Sweeney received help from a new assistant coach, "Swede" Hunneke, who played for the Westminster (Pennsylvania) Titans.
  • Unknown author (1937-11-17)
    Helen Johnson, a Youngstown College alumna (Class of 1936), was appointed Assistant Librarian.
  • Unknown author (1937-12-15)
    Professor H. N. Burt took a leave of absence from his teaching duties at Youngstown College to work on his Ph.D. degree at Yale University. John McCorkle was hired to take Burt's place in the classroom. Burt taught both ...
  • Unknown author (1938-01-12)
    Elizabeth Lloyd donated a display case of geological and zoological specimens to the Youngstown College Biology Department. Lloyd was a teacher at the Market Street School, a member of the Youngstown Nature Club, and a ...
  • Unknown author (1938-01-26)
    Byron T. Mottinger, an automotive, electrical, and civil engineer, was added to the Youngstown College faculty.
  • Unknown author (1938-02-09)
    Youngstown College announced that enrollment increased by fifty students.
  • Unknown author (1940-01-10)
    A new method of teaching, patterned after a plan used by Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, was considered by the Youngstown College administration. Called the Rollins Conference Plan, the method replaced the standard ...
  • Unknown author (1940-03-13)
    The 1940 library drive sponsored by the Friends of the Youngstown College Library Association netted $5,000 toward its ten-year goal of $50,000.

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