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  • Unknown author (1931-01-14)
    Facsimile of the front page of the first issue of "The Jambar," 1931.
  • Unknown author (1931-02)
    Don Boylan is cited as the Youngstown College student to purchase the first copy of "The Jambar." The price was two cents and it was produced on a mimeograph machine.
  • Unknown author (1931-02-04)
    The text is a poem composed in dedication to "The Jambar" as it began its publication run.
  • Unknown author (1931-02-11)
    An architect's drawing of the planned Youngstown College building (now Jones Hall) was made available for public inspection.
  • Chemistry 
    Unknown author (1931-03-27)
    Dr. Eugene Scudder, head of the Youngstown College Chemistry Department, promoted his field of study.
  • Unknown author (1931-10-02)
    Plans were announced to have "The Jambar" produced in standard newsprint format instead of in the original mimeographed form.
  • Unknown author (1931-10-23)
    Dr. Henry V. Stearns, dean of the Youngstown College Music Department, was injured when he fell from the platform in one of the dressing rooms of the auditorium. He was treated by a local physician and sent home.
  • Unknown author (1931-10-23)
    Dr. Robert Douglas Bowden of Youngstown College was awarded the John G. Agar Prize of $3,000 for the best book on "The Soul of America." His book was called "In Defense of Tomorrow."
  • Unknown author (1932-09-12)
    The enrollment of 350 students surpassed all the predictions made by officials at Youngstown College.
  • Unknown author (1932-11-18)
    The Jambar printed a tribute to Leonard T. Skeggs and his work in founding Youngstown College. Skeggs was general secretary of the Youngstown YMCA and arranged the purchase of the J. C. Wick property, upon which the College ...
  • Unknown author (1933-10-20)
    Youngstown College was placed on the list of approved colleges for teachers' training by the Ohio Department of Education. The new Youngstown College education department came under the direction of Dr. George M. Wilcox.
  • Unknown author (1933-10-20)
    Dr. George M. Wilcox was appointed head of the new Youngstown College education department. James W. Wishart and the Reverand H. M. Myers also were added to the faculty.
  • Unknown author (1933-10-20)
    Jambar photographs of Dr. George M. Wilcox, head of the education department, and James W. Wishart, a newly appointed full-time instructor of education.
  • Unknown author (1933-11-13)
    Professor John Winchell Bare was responsible for the installation of the Psi Gamma Chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, an honorary professional English fraternity.
  • Unknown author (1933-12-15)
    The acceptance of academic credits earned at Youngstown College was discussed. While most institutions accepted only credits earned at colleges and universities belonging to the North Central Association, many granted ...
  • Unknown author (1933-12-15)
    According to an enrollment survey conducted by the Cleveland "Plain Dealer," Youngstown College ranked 25th out of 47 Ohio colleges and universities; YoCo's enrollment rose from 418 students in the 1932-33 academic year ...
  • Unknown author (1933-12-15)
    "The Jambar" commented on the placing of Youngstown College on the list of colleges approved for teacher training by the Ohio Department of Education. Director Howard W. Jones stated that this seal of approval was the most ...
  • Unknown author (1934-10-03)
    George M. Wilcox, newly appointed Dean of Youngstown College, offered his comments on the traditions of the institution.
  • Unknown author (1935-05-18)
    John McPhee was appointed the first athletic director at Youngstown College. He had served previously as a basketball coach at YoCo.
  • Unknown author (1935-09-18)
    The appointment of Howard E. Sutton as Youngstown College's new business manager was announced. Before coming to YoCo, Sutton served as the sales promotion manager for the Ohio Edison Company.

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