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Recent Submissions

  • Bisceglia, Antonia Mucci (1925-10-10)
    This is a letter from Lucia's mother Antonia. The letter responds to the news that Lucia's daughter, Antoinette, is recovering well from the burns.
  • Bisceglia, Lucia (1917-08-15)
    This letter is Lucia's response to two letters from Gioso that arrived eight days apart. Lucia plans to travel to US during the First World War amidst the dangers on the open sea.
  • Unknown author (2011-02-02)
    John Parrish’s ( Parisi’s) Auto Craft Shop and Boarding House, once located on Wilson Avenue near 9th Street, Campbell, Ohio. John and his wife Ann Kukura ran a boarding house on the second floor. The boarders were men ...
  • Unknown author (2011-02-02)
    Philomena (Mae) Lariccia & Joseph Vargo’s Wedding Dinner, July 1, 1950. Joseph was of Eastern European heritage, possibly from what was then Czechoslovakia. The couple exchanged vows at Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, Youngstown. ...
  • Unknown author (2011-02-02)
    Philomena (Mae) Lariccia and Joseph Vargo were married on July 1, 1950. The wedding reception was held at Horvath's tea room on the south side of Youngstown, Ohio. One of the services Horvath's provided was creating a ...
  • Bisceglia, Antonia Mucci (1925-09-13)
    Lucia's mother Antonia Mucci Bisceglia responds to the news she has just received about Antoinette's (Lucia's second daughter) severe burns. Some boys lit a fire which spread to the girl's dress. She has been hospitalized ...
  • Unknown author
    Letter from Annamaria to Carmela, undated.
  • Unknown author (1928-06-13)
    Letter from Nello to his wife, dated June 13, 1928.
  • Unknown author (1891-03-09)
    Fragmentary letter to "Antonio" from unknown sender, dated March 9, 1891. Document is heavily damaged.
  • Unknown author (1925-02-11)
    Letter written (in both English and Italian) from Rosy, Matteo, and Annamarie), dated Februay 11, 1925.
  • Unknown author (1928-06-09)
    Letter from Nello to his wife, dated June 9, 1928.
  • Unknown author (1928-06-06)
    Letter from Nello to his wife, dated June 6, 1928.
  • Peppinella; Lariccia, Ben (1966-06-13)
    This letter from Peppinella speaks of the financial hardships her family has to face.
  • Linetta (1971-01-08)
    This letter from Linetta updates Lucia of the family's marriages, deaths, and health.
  • Luigino; Antonietta (2011-02-02)
    This item includes two letters. The first is from Aunt Lucia’s niece Antionietta who notes that she and her mother cannot walk much. She notes that she doesn’t forget about Lucia and prays for her. The second letter is ...
  • Musacchio, Mariannina; Musacchio, Rita; Musacchio, Lina
    In this letter, the nieces comment on Benny's visit to Italy and his activities before his departure.
  • Bisceglia, Lucia (1917-05-29)
    From her hometown of Montelongo, Italy, Lucia Biscelgia pens a sympathy letter to her future brother-in-law Gennaro (James) Lariccia in the US. He has just lost his beloved young wife Carmela Gialdini in childbirth on April 29.
  • Lariccia, Ben; Cuppone, Laura, translator
    Along with sending Happy Easter wishes to Concetta and Lucia, the author writes about Nino’s holiday. The author also notes the thirty years that have passed since Giovannino’s death and to not forget it.
  • Musacchio, Mariannina; Musacchio, Rita; Musacchio, Lina
    The nieces write in hope that the photographs of the daughter of their cousin’s First Communion came out well. They all send their love to the family.
  • Musacchio, Mariannina; Musacchio, Rita; Musacchio, Lina
    The nieces mention to Aunt Lucia that they prayed for her recovery. They also address Uncle John, who sent photographs in which he looks like a young boy.

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