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  • Stewart, W. Forres (1962-02-17)
    This photograph depicts a baby being given the Type II Sabin oral polio vaccine with a dropper as part of the Youngstown immunization program. The program, which was sponsored by the Mahoning County Medical Society and ...
  • Base31_01 
    Unknown author (2013-07-01)
    Three officers pose near a directional sign pointing to the town on Contrexeville, France, where they were stationed.
  • Base31_02 
    Unknown author (2013-07-16)
    A group of 7 officers pose in uniform on a dirt road.
  • Base31_03 
    Unknown author (2013-07-16)
    A group of doctors and nurses enjoy a glass of wine at an outside table. The photographer is probably the man in the back row with glasses.
  • Base31_04 
    Unknown author (2013-07-16)
    A group of women in aprons pose on the steps to a large building.
  • Base31_05 
    Unknown author (2013-07-16)
    (Split slide) Left side is an officer posed next to a stack of hay. Right side is a man and women looking at a roadside memorial on a dead tree. [Memorial was given by Post 17?]
  • Base31_06 
    Unknown author (2013-07-16)
    (Split side) Two medical officers in their field uniforms including their overcoats and metal hats.
  • Base31_07 
    Unknown author (2013-07-16)
    Portrait of officer in field
  • Base31_08 
    Unknown author (2013-07-16)
    Portrait of an officer in front of a pine tree
  • Base31_09 
    Unknown author (2013-07-16)
    Two African-Americans not in uniform but in robes that tie in front. Could be orderlies at the train station.
  • Base31_10 
    Unknown author (2013-07-16)
    (Split image) Both portraits of officers in uniform at their training grounds, probably Camp Mills in Long Island, NY. Tents and soldiers in background.
  • Base31_11 
    Unknown author (2013-07-16)
    (Split slide) Portraits of two officers in uniform standing near a stack of hay.
  • Base31_12 
    Unknown author (2013-07-16)
    Portrait of an officer sitting on a hillside.
  • Base31_13 
    Unknown author (2013-07-16)
    Two officers and two enlisted men standing in front of doors to a building.
  • Base31_14 
    Unknown author (2013-07-16)
    A uniformed nurse sitting in a large room with sterilizers.
  • Base31_15 
    Unknown author (2013-07-16)
    A large ward of patients, possibly in the Casino overflow area.
  • Base31_16 
    Unknown author (2013-07-16)
    Two women and a man in a large room with sterilizers. Damage on the slide obscures the woman and man on the left side.
  • Base31_17 
    Unknown author (2013-07-16)
    A uniformed nurse and enlisted man pose in the orthopedic ward with patients.
  • Base31_18 
    Unknown author (2013-07-16)
    Three enlisted men pose with a wheeled cart used to transport patients. A fourth enlisted man is in the cart.
  • Base31_19 
    Unknown author (2013-07-16)
    A ceremony where an enlisted man stands at attention before receiving an award. The ceremony takes place in a park with the covered promenade and lines of soldiers visible in the background.

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